Harper remarks mirror much of the western media

And he lectures Chavez on democracy. What worse is that Harper locked the doors on parliament to avoid discussion of diplomat Richard Colvin strong evidence that Harper government was handing Afghan detainees over to Afghan prisons known to torture. Good thing Harper also threw the bit about of law and for human rights into his […]

When Green saw police, he reportedly attempted to run away and

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An outstanding teammate, a very, very underrated leader in the

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Carlos Delgado walked off the on deck circle and approached

Many people have incorporated honey in their daily diet but some are still in doubt as to whether it can make you fat or not since honey calories are quite many. Every food and beverage that we take in has a corresponding caloric content. A calorie is a measurement of the energy in food.. steroid […]

But he says the earthquakes are typically too small to be

I repeat vibrators, you must have consent! I know that movies treat women slapping men as a hilarious antidote to male silliness dildos, but you REALLY must be sure he ok with this beforehand. He has every right to feel hurt if you pull out punishments before he ready and before you come to a […]

My brother on the other hand is fucking ripped and always has

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The smoke, which is expected to descend on the city about 4pm,

Heavy smoke is set to return to Canberra skies on Wednesday afternoon. The smoke n95 face mask n95 face mask, which is expected to descend on the city about 4pm, has blown in from bushfires in NSW, and not from the small blaze that broke out in Namadgi National Park on Monday, according to the […]